Welcome to the Bud Light St Bernard Fun Dart League

***Update 04/16/21
Bud light St. Bernard league final count
THURS NIGHT LADIES DIVISION: 5 teams is go will start April 29th. Schedule will be updated on the website April 22nd
Mon: 3 rosters Wed: 10 rosters Fri: 7 rosters
***Update 03/18/21
The format for the captains meeting will be determined after the latest mandate update by John Bell Edwards and the percent of positivity rate in Jefferson and St. Bernard Parish
Jeff Parish Thurs nights: FINAL DATE FOR ROSTERS MARCH 25th, Captains meeting April 1st at 3rd Base, Season starts April 8th..dues will be $10 a player $10 team fee for this season to help offset the last Thursday night season not being completed. No trophies will be distributed for the incomplete last season.
Jefferson Parish Tues night: playoffs re-start March 23rd, Cup will be March 30th, FINAL DATE FOR ROSTERS APRIL 6th, Captains meeting at Cleary Tavern April 13th, season starts April 20th… all teams that had pre-paid for the Tuesday night season that was due to begin will get full credit. Dues for all the remaining teams will be $20 a player and $20 team fee
St Bernard.Parish ALL NIGHTS: DUE TO NEWEST percent positivity rate being above 5% we have NEW START DATES…FINAL ROSTERS DUE DATE March 29th, Captians meeting at Sully’s April 5th, NEW SEASONS BEGINS week of 12th.
Roster dues ALL BARS WILL GET FULL CREDIT BACK for dues paid for shorten last season. League will contact bar owners/managers once roster deadline is final


All Bud light Fun Dart League St Bernard and Jefferson parish members. In addition ALL NEW PLAYERS AND TEAMS ALSO WELCOME.
It’s time to turn rosters in.. We have a target start date week of March 22nd.
This is tentative because the new mandates will be announced on Wednesday. But based on all the new data it appears as though restrictions are going to be lightened up.
We are not prepared to make administrative decisions until we get the responses of how many teams are returning so we can decide whether to pick up where we left off or almost probably begin new seasons except for the teams that were in the playoffs on Tuesday jeff parish
Please verify with your bar owner/manager that they will be prepared to open and follow all mandated rules on March 22
You welcome to FAX the roster to 504-273-4350 or email to hymel6011@aol.com…NEW PLAYERS OR PLAYERS NEEDING A TEAM PLEASE TEXT ME 504-250-3946
We will give another update next Friday after the mandate is announced along with seeing what type of participation we will have for the upcoming season.





We will deduct 2 points for an incomplete card.  This includes first and last names, allstars and stats.  Please fill out your card completely!  If you are the home team and you keep the card, please give the away team the opportunity to fill out their side. Thank you!
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We want to say thank you very much to Platinum Computer Solutions for our new and improved website.
If you have any questions please contact Ronnie Dalleo 504-250-3946
Whether you are a professional dart player or finding a new hobby, FDL is the place for you. WELCOME to our site, check out our rules, regulations, news and flyers……

GIVING BACK TO THE PLAYERS: Every captain’s meeting will be followed by a free, for all members, blind draw $400 payout tournament.
Competitiveness: Line ups for matches will be done verbally with teams rotating which team declares first (like the pool leagues do). Trailing teams chooses the game of the night (801 or Super Cricket) Emergency Player Availability- a team that is short players may use an individual to fill in until a 4th player from the roster. Emergency player can not be used during last 2 weeks of regular season or playoffs.