Thursday Player Numbers

Rev. 2020-02-11

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Player NumberPlayer NameTeam
1Kelli CucciaBackyard Hail to the V
2Tansey CorleyBackyard Hail to the V
3Courtney AdamsBackyard Hail to the V
4Demi DeValleBackyard Hail to the V
5Heather QuickBackyard Hail to the V
6Jenny LewisBackyard Hail to the V
7Michele ChaissonBackyard Hail to the V
8Nichole DalonBackyard The Backyardigans
9Malissa NettletonBackyard The Backyardigans
10Lori PeltierBackyard The Backyardigans
11Joan DalonBackyard The Backyardigans
12Dawn GuillotBackyard The Backyardigans
13Amanda FerraraBackyard The Backyardigans
14Shelly LangstonCy's Bar Girls Night Out
15Andrea AlbersCy's Bar Girls Night Out
16Nicole MelerineCy's Bar Girls Night Out
17Erin FeehanCy's Bar Girls Night Out
18Allison BottCy's Bar Girls Night Out
19Beth JochumCy's Bar Girls Night Out
20Brandi RendezSully's Hot Mess Express
21Jessica MeyersSully's Hot Mess Express
22Alicia ChapmanSully's Hot Mess Express
23Erin VannSully's Hot Mess Express
24Crystal MillsSully's Hot Mess Express
25Courtney BrownSully's Hot Mess Express
26Misty ColosonSully's Hot Mess Express
27Jamie DownesSully's Hot Mess Express
28Veronica MulletDesi's Super Bitches
29Vickie ChapmanDesi's Super Bitches
30Judy MulletDesi's Super Bitches
31Cindy GonzalesDesi's Super Bitches
32Tammy DalonDesi's Super Bitches
33Stacy RepathDesi's Super Bitches
34Katie DukesDesi's Super Bitches
35Sharri JacksonDesi's Train Wrecks
36Dakota JacksonDesi's Train Wrecks
37Tina RamanoDesi's Train Wrecks
38Aimee SandrockDesi's Train Wrecks
39Beth SchaubhutDesi's Train Wrecks
40Ashley DormerSully's Hot Mess Express *
41Heather AnsardiDesi's Train Wrecks *
42Jessi LavatyBackyard Hail to the V *
43Jordan DotyCy's Bar Girls Night Out *